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3rd of June, 2016

Seminar 5: Sering Touray and Seemanti Ghosh

We were specifically excited to host a guest from Edinburgh in this event. Sering Touray from Heriot-Watt University and local Seemanti Ghosh gave talks on socially and behaviourally motivated economics of development.

15th of March, 2016

Affiliation with SRC

We are happy to announce that the Glasgow Brown Bag Seminars in Microeconomics are now officially affiliated to the Glasgow University Student Representative Council.

26th of February, 2016

Seminar 1: Josué Ortega and Moritz Mosenhauer

This session was all about inattention. Josué Ortega and Moritz Mosenhauer presented their work. Josué talked about "Rational Inattention in Online Dating". Moritz gave his thoughts on "Optimal Tunnelling".